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Pat Homelvig
White Wolf Software, Inc.
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White Wolf Software releases FormMate for Macintosh OS X

Denver, Colorado, May 14, 2004 - It's 4:30 pm, and you just found the perfect job opportunity on the Internet. Downloading the application, you notice a deadline to apply... the close of business today. How will you quickly fill out all the necessary information? There's no time to print out the entire application, fill in the numerous blanks by hand, then scan it back into your computer. What if you make a mistake, and have to start over? You will never make it in time!

"It's as simple as opening FormMate," says President and founder of White Wolf Software, Pat Homelvig. "By creating FormMate, we have made it easy for computer users of all experience levels to quickly and easily fill out forms and applications on their Macintosh."

Sporting an intuitive interface and minimal controls, FormMate allows you to create text and picture "Cells" on any PDF document, and fill in any required information. Alignment and positioning of the Cells is a snap, eliminating the worry of making a mistake using pen and paper. Did you accidentally put today's date in the "Name" area on the form? Simply drag the text into the correct position. Do you need a photograph on the application? Drag and drop a favorite picture onto the document, and place it where you wish. Utilizing the copy feature, you can also quickly paste text into FormMate from a resumé or other text-based document. This ability saves even more time that would be spent manually retyping the information, and drastically reduces the possibility of typographical errors. Once you finish adding information to the document, a completed version can be saved in PDF format and sent via e-mail, fax or even printed out, without altering the original document. "It's really that easy," says Mr. Homelvig "to efficiently fill out, save and print forms and applications." With FormMate on your Mac, you can fill out the application, get that dream job, and even have time for a cup of coffee before the deadline.

FormMate available today
Released today, Macintosh OS X users will find FormMate to be an extremely efficient and easy-to-use tool for completing forms or adding text and images to any PDF document. FormMate will be offered at a retail value of $29.95, but a special introductory price of $24.95 will be available (for a limited time) as a download from the White Wolf Software web site (www.WhiteWolf.com). A fully functional trial version is also available.

About White Wolf Software
White Wolf Software is a twelve year old company, located in Littleton, Colorado. Primarily known for it's web-based, interactive custom software solutions, White Wolf Software is finding success in the packaged software market with WWSPopCharts and now FormMate.